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Touch Them To Love - Lolita Gilmore

Video Commercial shoot shot on location at
The commercial will be 60 seconds in length.

EDIT 20180622 1758 CDT:
The video is actual 3:08 minutes. No extra charge for this.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Camera Person

One camera shoot at two locations, three hours. 20180616 09:00-12:00.

1 60-second commercial video

1080p 29.97 fps, 60 seconds in length, 2.0 stereo.
Can include production music based on what's available and royalty free.
Turnaround time will be 5 days for original edits and 3 revisions before final copy is made for distribution.
This quote does not include narration. A narrator will be needed and can be provided by Touch Them To Love.
Background and location will be provided by Touch Them To Love.
Complete an intro video for all Teach Them To Love video promotions.

1 Intro and Outro completed

Complete an intro video for all Teach Them To Love video promotions.
To be viewed before producing the actual commercial.

EDIT 20180622 1758 CDT:
The commercial actually is better with Operation Family Matters first, then go into the ending video.
The ending video can be used for all future video promotions.
Uploaded all original footage for use later by client and by video editor.

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