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Invoice Date 2020-08-27
Due Date 2020-08-29
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Innovation BBC

324 East Ave D, Killeen, Texas 76541

To setup Microsoft 365 tenant for Innovation Black Chamber of Commerce. This includes Domain Name edits of, adding users and resource accounts, setup account for delegation, and provide instructions for users and administrator.

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1 Microsoft 365 Registration and Setup.

a. Registering Innovation Black Chamber of Commerce as a non-profit on Microsoft 365 as described on
b. Ensure that Innovation BBC gets non-profit tag added to the tenancy.

1 DNS Zone Edits for to work with Microsoft 365.

a. Edit DNS Zone entries on GoDaddy, the registrar of the domain.
b. Adding domain to Microsoft 365.
c. Changing all usernames to reflect vanity domain.

1 Migrate Google Suites and Gmail Email to Microsoft 365.

a. Migrate all user accounts and resource mailboxes to the Microsoft 365 service.
b. This process may take some time due to bandwidth, throttling and throughput. Once done, all Emails hosted on Google servers for Innovation BBC will be migrated to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online Servers.
c. Will need Administrator access to Google Suites Admin Panel, change passwords on all Email accounts so we can set up migration to Microsoft 365.

1 Create user accounts, resource mailboxes, Office 365 Groups and shared mailboxes.

a. Up to 25 user and resource accounts will be created.
b. Will generate usernames and password for all user accounts.
c. Office 365 E1 user accounts are free. It does not include Microsoft Office client applications.
d. Office 365 E3 user accounts are paid at a discount to non-profits. It does include Microsoft Office client applications.
e. All services purchased by Microsoft and affiliates are the responsibility of Innovation BBC.

1 One two hour session about Microsoft 365 for staff members.

a. 30 minute session for administrators.
b. 90 minute session for all users to include administrators.
c. Up to 8 people.
d. Help setup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for protection on the account.
e. Administrator instructions will include how to create users, create shared mailboxes, set up MFA for users, basic troubleshooting instructions, how to submit tickets with Microsoft Support Teams, and how to set up OneDrive/Outlook if needed/Teams.
f. If you are going to go with E1 for Non-Profit, do not download Microsoft Office because during the trials.
g. User instructions will include how to sign into Microsoft 365, how to access Emails and use Outlook Online, how to set up Outlook if needed, how to set up OneDrive and Teams, and use Office 365 Groups and Teams.

1 Adjusted for non-profit $-350.000%$-350.00
Sub Total $150.00
Tax $0.00
Paid -$150.00
Total Due $0.00

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Microsoft 365 Consulting and Video Editing pricing will increase in 2022. The Shiz Media Studios site will be updated to reflect new pricing in December 2021.