Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is the movie theater standard for distributing movies. There are few film festivals that requires movies to be formatted in DCP. If you want to make sure your movies look great, Shiz Media Studios will be able to convert your movies into DCP with 2.1 stereo sound or 5.1 surround sound, even 7.1 surround sound.

The rates are low as compared to others because we support independent filmmakers. If your film is not funded by a major studio, we have prices that most people cannot beat. We also use the cloud to distribute files (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.), not expensive hard drives and cases.

The video quality of the DCP all depends on the original video. Please only send the BEST possible video quality and codec. We can support the most common codecs available; AVI, MOV, MP4, Blackmagic, MXF, RED, RAW, ProRes, etc. When rendering, please use the highest bit-rate, lowest compression settings for both audio and video. 4K or 2K are supported. 5.1 surround sound is supported as well, 7.1 is supported if you send eight WAVE files.

Selected films of the Connect Film Festival and SARCE are discounted. See rates below.



Independent & Student (see below)

All lengths

** Drop Frame Videos **

Major Production

All lengths

** Drop Frame Videos **

*** SARCE and Connect Film Festival ***


** Drop Frame Videos **




$2.00 per minute

$1.00 per minutes

$12.00 per minute

$1.00 per minute

$1.00 per minute

** $1.00 per minute **

All fees are rounded to the next minute.

2K & 4K



$8.00 per minute

$2.00 per minute

$25.00 per minute

$2.00 per minute

$3.00 per minute

** $2.00 per minute **

Prices as of August 05, 2019

Independent Films are movies that are made by independent production companies, fan fiction, low-budget funded, or student films.

Student films includes K-12, college, university, and trade; prep is waived.

Major Productions are films with major studio funding or invested.

Minutes are set to the next minute up. For instance, a 10:02 minute video file will be 11:00 minutes.


Videos submitted with 23.976 fps or 29.970 fps needs to be converted to 24 fps or 30 fps respectfully. Fee posted above. DCP’s are projected at 24, 25, 30, 50, and 60 fps; only in Progressive mode. You will notice some minor effects and double images in fast moving shots. If the original video was shot in interlace mode, there will be some ghost effect in the projection. We will do our best to compensate for this.

*** Connect Film Festival rates ***

Shiz is a part of the community of Connect Productions (Facebook), the parent organization of Connect Film Festival (FilmFreeway). The prices shown above are good for SELECTED films only. $10 off initial prep.

*** SARCE rates ***

“Keep it going, Keep it moving, Don’t stop!” Shiz Annual Red Carpet Event (SARCE) is the building of a collective of emerging and seasoned filmmakers who wish to bring a positive and entertaining spin to the world of cinema. We are open to filmmakers of all genres; to include documentaries, animations, comedy, horror, action, and human interest. It takes a lot of time, energy, money, and creativity to create. This event is to bring forth the hard work we put into our films. All films must be submitted as DCP. If you do not have a DCP for SARCE viewing, we will do it for you. The cost for submitting a film with a DCP Package to SARCE does not include a copy of the DCP for yourself. If you want a copy of the DCP files, please look at the prices above. These prices are only for selected films of SARCE only. $10 off initial prep.

DCP screening arranged by Shiz Media Studios.


There is no actual cost for doing any of the up-converts for audio.

Make sure you render the best possible audio compression the codec allows.
96 kHz or 48 kHz are good. 96 kHz is best if you have a lot of music or sound effects in your mix.
44.1 kHz or 88.2 kHz are not good. These frequency rates will not sync correctly with your video. We can still work with the files and convert them.
16-bits or 24-bits are good. 24-bits has more depth in velocity than 16-bits.
Stereo (2.0) audio will be converted to 2.1 which takes the left and right channels, combines it into the LFE below 120 Hz. When you movie is played at a movie theater with good subwoofers, your stereo sound movies will sound powerful and strong. You can choose to convert 2.0 to 5.1 where all speakers are amplified and will seem to have a surround sound mix.

LFE = Low Frequency Enhanced – the sub-woofer channel.


About the audio, if your movie was mixed in 2.0 stereo sound, we can up-convert to either 2.1, 3.1 or 5.1 surround sound.

2.1 is the front left and right speakers. We will add another track, LFE, so that the low-end of your audio is increased through the theater speakers.
3.1 is the front speak audio; front left, front center, and front right. We will fill all three speakers with sound. The LFE channel, the sub-woofer channel, will include a mono mix of your front channel so all of your low-frequency sounds will pop.
5.1 is the front channels, also placing them in the rear. It is surround sound, but not true surround. It will still fill the theater will your audio mix. The LFE channel, the sub-woofer channel, will include a mono mix of your front channel so all of your low-frequency sounds will pop.


You mixed it that way, that is the way it will be projected in the theater. If you already have audio going to the LFE channel, the sub-woofer channel, your mix will pop like it did at your audio workstation. If you did not add a LFE channel, we can take your mix and produce one for you.
You will have to provide us with six wave files OR provide a 5.1 wave file along with your video.
Or, you can send us a video file with the embedded 5.1 audio.
If you send six wave files, please label each wave file: left, right, center, surround left, surround right, and LFE.
If you mixed in 7.1 surround, we will need left, left-center, center, right center, right, surround left, surround right, and LFE.


MOV, MP4, ProRes, RED, and AVI are the best formats for these conversions.

Please render your video using the best compression settings possible. Use the highest bit-rates that your software provides. If there is a two-pass setting, use it. CBR at high rates works great but VBR is acceptable.

DCP’s are projected at 24, 25, 30, 50, and 60 fps; only in Progressive mode. If your movie was produced in 23.976 or 29.970 fps, you will notice some effects and double images in fast-moving shots. See DROP FRAME VIDEOS above for rates on converting to non-drop frames.

If your movie was produced in 480i or 720p, it will have to be up-converted to 2K. There may be noticeable effects in your video. The best thing to do is render your project yourself in 1080p. Standard definition video will have black bars on the left and right of the screen.

If your movie was produced in 1080p, it will have to be up-converted to 2K. We do not recommend up-converting from 1080p to 4K.

If your movie was produced in 2K, we can create 2K DCP’s or up-convert to 4K.

If your movie was produced in 4K, we can create 4K DCP’s.

NameResolution (width x height)Aspect RatioAspect Ratio
NTSC Video720 x 4804:3 or 16:91.33:1
PAL Video720 x 5764:3 or 16:91.33:1
HDTV 720 **1280 x 72016:91.78:1
HDTV 1080 **1920 x 108016:91.78:1
Full 2K *2048 x 108016:91.90:1 (256:135)
Full 4K *4096 x 216016:91.90:1 (256:135)
Cinema Scope 2K2048 x 85821:92.39:1 (1024:429)
Cinema Scope 4K4096 x 171621:92.39:1 (1024:429)
Flat 2K **1998 x 10801.85:11.85:1 (999:540)
Flat 4K3996 x 21601.85:11.85:1 (999:540)

* Not widely accepted by theaters.
** HD will be converted to Flat 2K.


Note: 4K DCP can play on 2K DLP projectors and vice-versa.

Note: DCP Players are costly. The more inexpensive players are dcpPlayer for Windows PC and DCP Player for Mac. You will need a powerful graphics card and processor to playback DCP videos on your computer, especially 4K videos. The best way to test DCP movies is at a theater. If you know someone who works at a movie theater, they may allow you to test your DCP Package. You just have to befriend a theater manager or projectionist. If your DCP is in 4K, some movie theaters are only equipped with 2K projectors. 4K can project just fine on 2K, but it won’t be 4K. Make sure the theater you are testing on is a 4K projector if you want to see your movie in all of its glory. If 2K all you got, testing your DCP movie is your goal for the screening (well, it is awesome to see your movie on the big screen anyway).

DCP Files will come to you in four XML files, a MXF video file, and a MXF audio file. That is 6 files total.

Your DCP files will be uploaded to your cloud service account and/or we can ship a thumb drive. Please create a new folder and share the new folder with:

Google Drive:
MEGASync (nz):
OneDrive for Business:

A typical DCP folder is about 20GB for a 15 minute film.

Thumb drive and shipment within the United States or Canada is $30-$100 extra depending on size of DCP files. This is optional. $20 extra for express mail. Contact us for international shipment.


Payment is due before delivery of the DCP files to Dropbox or shipment. Payment should not be paid until the DCP creation is complete. Once complete, we will send an Email with invoice.

View our Payment Options page for information on how to pay.



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