Video production

Getting the right video crew to record your productions is important. Camera operators and equipment, audio mixers, production assistants, cinematographers, production assistants, script supervisors, producers, and directors are essential positions for any project.

Shiz Media Studios can be your one stop shop for finding and organizing your shoots. Together, between us and your crew, we can make sure everyone has all the information they need and work with your talents and crew schedules to be there on time. We will work with your budget.

Video editing

Video editing is the art of turning chaos into an entertainment piece everyone can enjoy.

At Shiz Media Studios, we strive on providing the best quality video, best compression rates, and improving bad quality video. Every edit is calculated to every frame for accuracy. We strive for perfection in every production we do.

Audio engineering for movies

Audio is an important, but not recognized part of a film. When it is wrong, people do notice. When it is right, it is right and no one ever notices.

At Shiz Media Studios, we strive to provide the best in audio production recreating the scene being portrayed, accentuating the action on the screen. Room reverb, pounding bass to give ascent to a moment, placing a certain sound in the surround sound field; all of these are important when creating a soundtrack for a movie.